in the living room:

Within these four walls there is a moss colored couch that has a different shade of green in each spot, revealing the use and wear of where i commonly sit there is a painting on the wall that my great grandpa got from a painter, by trading him a sandwich during WWII there is a... Continue Reading →



I want to say that yellow is my favorite color. The golden yellow, that encompasses warmth and happiness. The color that reminds you of the sun, the flowers, the bees, and childhood memories. I want to surround myself with this warm honey color that makes me nostolgic for the summer i never had. But, even... Continue Reading →

real sad

Do you know what real sadness it? You resort to anything to start feeling again. So you take a blade and hope that red comes out, so you know you're alive. You sit outside during a storm to feel the rain and to hear the thunder, and to hopefully get struck by lightning. You watch... Continue Reading →

poem junk drawer

These are just random little tid bits of things ive written, but never expanded upon. enjoy xoxo \\\\\\\\\/////////\\\\\\\\\//////////   i dont know why i dont capitalize my i's. maybe because i don't think i even deserve the capitalization. in world full of people, why should i get an uppercase letter? i'm a lower class person.... Continue Reading →

(c) hanging

Why did I think you were actually going to change? Just because I got mad at you, and you promised to put your all into this friendship, doesn't mean you're actually going to change. I still have been sitting around for two days, waiting for your beck and call. I am a slave to your... Continue Reading →


Senioritis,¬†Noun: The supposed afflictions of students in their last year of schooling- characterized by a decline of motivation or performance. Side effects include:¬† Sleeping in, ditching class, unfinished homework, a sense of existential dread, and a desire to drop out of school all together. Other side effects include: Fear of moving on, fear of becoming... Continue Reading →

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