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Why did I think you were actually going to change? Just because I got mad at you, and you promised to put your all into this friendship, doesn't mean you're actually going to change. I still have been sitting around for two days, waiting for your beck and call. I am a slave to your... Continue Reading →


Senioritis, Noun: The supposed afflictions of students in their last year of schooling- characterized by a decline of motivation or performance. Side effects include:  Sleeping in, ditching class, unfinished homework, a sense of existential dread, and a desire to drop out of school all together. Other side effects include: Fear of moving on, fear of becoming... Continue Reading →


162. The number that didn't end up killing me, even though I hoped it would. A mixture of 8 different kinds of pills and 7 hours laying on the cold bathroom floor, I was still here, despite the improbability. 6 long minutes spent in the ambulance, and 5 questions that I didn't know the answer... Continue Reading →

All about me 

A few of my favorite things & more than you ever wanted to know about me Bands/singers  Daughter BOY Lorde Vancouver Sleep Clinic The Head and The Heart Fleurie AURORA Florence + the Machine Lady Leshurr Lana Del Rey Wilsen Melanie Martinez Books/ Authors Speak- Laurie Halle Anderson Wintergirls- Laurie Halle Anderson Lois Duncan's mysteries... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Tunes 5/16

Yes I know, that is the lamest title ever. I was going to do music Monday, but then I forgot... so now it's it's Tuesday tunes🎶 You will soon learn that my music taste is all over the place. I will listen to any genre of music, besides scremo(but I sometimes make exceptions). So I'll... Continue Reading →


I don't know why i'm running. I don't know if it's because my phone is at 38%, or if its because I can't untangle my headphones. I'm not sure if it's because the teacher keeps on talking, or if its because all the ice in my water bottle has melted. Maybe it's because I tried... Continue Reading →

Roads & Galaxies

I tend to romanticize my pain- to make my misery look beautiful. I turn my veins into roads- that I use to escape from my brain.  I turn my bruises into galaxies, trying to escape from this world. All I want to do is ESCAPE. Escape from the racing thoughts- the pounding of my heart,... Continue Reading →

Groundhog Day

The bars on my heart are not to keep people from loving me, not to push people away, and not to protect myself from others. They're to protect me from myself. To keep me from ripping my heart out of my chest. To keep me from plunging a dagger into my soul. And to keep... Continue Reading →


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