she lived as frost but fought like fire

Some say she wept
some say she cried

never told anyone

she wish she had died

the winter came early

the fall left too soon

all she’s been doing

is sleeping til noon

the wolf keeps her up

late into night

she keeps on trying

but she never takes flight

the frost makes her cold

the heat is too hot

you are the only

thing that she’s got

when you left

she tried not to weep

all she tried

was to go to sleep

forever but never

for when she awoke

she felt that her life

was just a joke

the laughing and mocking

got to her fast

she decide to fight

back, at last

you thought she was easy

but not anymore

you have just made her

start to declare war

she’s fire

she’s fast

she doesn’t even think

about her past

so learn from her and her story

and know not to hurt

because she’s as hot

as the Utah desert.

by Carly Morrow


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