Roads & Galaxies

I tend to romanticize my pain-

to make my misery look beautiful.

I turn my veins into roads- that I use to escape from my brain.  I turn my bruises into galaxies, trying to escape from this world.

All I want to do is ESCAPE.

Escape from the racing thoughts- the pounding of my heart, echoing in my ears.

escape from reality.

But how do you escape from reality, when reality is all you have ever known?

and when you try to express this feeling- they tell you, you are doing it wrong.

You can not escape reality, they say.

But oh how hard i have tried- tried too much in too many ways.

and yet, here i am- in a harsher reality than ever before. I try so hard to ignore the responsibility of reality- and escape from the time needed to make up an essential part of the plan. The plan that has been set in stone at the beginning of every students- i mean childs- first breath. Go to school-graduate-college-marriage-kids-death.

This is the only reality I have ever known- school should be the main part of every childs-I mean students- life. The only problem is that this reality is not for everyone- and definitely not for me.

So I turn my veins into roads, and my bruises into galaxies,

And romanticize my pain away- trying to escape reality- being stopped at every turn of the road, and at every star in the galaxy.


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