Tuesday Tunes 5/16

Yes I know, that is the lamest title ever. I was going to do music Monday, but then I forgot… so now it’s it’s Tuesday tunes🎶

You will soon learn that my music taste is all over the place. I will listen to any genre of music, besides scremo(but I sometimes make exceptions). So I’ll give you my top 3 of each genre that I’ve been in love with recently:)


  • Lady Leshurr – Honestly all of her music is the best😍
  • Location- Khalid
  • Queen speech #4- Lady Leshurr (yes I know I technically already did this- but it’s my fave of hers)

Indie Folk

  • General- Dispatch
  • Beggar in the morning- The Barr Brothers
  • Lua- Bright Eyes


  • Bikini Body- Dawin
  • Issues- Julia Michael’s
  • Green Light- Lorde


  • Come Undone- Duran Duran
  • You’re so vain – Carly Simon (fun fact- I’m named after her!)
  • Yesterday once more- the Carpanters

Okay well there’s some of my faves songs at the moment. But I listen to music 24/7, so I listen to so much more than this. Also- go listen to my spotify cuz honestly my spotify is so fire🔥



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