SenioritisNoun: The supposed afflictions of students in their last year of schooling- characterized by a decline of motivation or performance. Side effects include:  Sleeping in, ditching class, unfinished homework, a sense of existential dread, and a desire to drop out of school all together. Other side effects include: Fear of moving on, fear of becoming an adult, fear of leaving high school, and a fear of losing friends.

Senioritis is seen as mainly a bad thing, a sorry excuse to stop doing work and coming to school, but senioritis can affect us so much more. Having senioritis reminds me to savor the moment, this high school experience cannot be duplicated, that I won’t get anything like this again. It reminds me that this work load isn’t as bad as it could be, and that high school isn’t as bad as we thought it was this whole time.

Senioritis makes me feel a type of homesick that I haven’t felt before. It’s making me realize that I won’t be seeing all these people again, that I won’t have some of the people I grew up with, and making me realize how many people I’ve took for granted. Friendship is one of the only things that had gotten me through high school. Without my friends, I probably wouldn’t be here today. And I’m not just talking about my best friends, but also the classmates that were nice to me for a whole semester until we changed classes and we never really talked to each other again- kind of friends. The kind of friends that I’ve only said a few words to- but have seen since the elementary school days. Even the friends that are only friends with me because we have mutual friends. I want to thank you. I didn’t realize that even the people who I only see and not speak to, affect me in ways that I haven’t known until now. There’s something about losing the normal everyday things that make you realize how blessed you are.

Senioritis also tells you that you deserve a break sometimes, and you do. After 12 years of schooling, you are allowed to take some time to yourself. And you should, or you might go crazy. Something my counselor once told me, is that they [the school] care more about your health than your grades, even though it may not always seem like it. He of course reminded me that, that is not a reason to not graduate. I still needed to do my school work, and try as hard as I could do get through high school, but he also let me know that I’m just as important as my education. And taking a break from school doesn’t have to be anything big, it can be the littlest thing, that can help you release some of the stress that school puts on you. Go ahead, take the hall pass (for probably a maximum of 5 minutes and 27 seconds, or else the other students in the class will get suspicious). Senioritis is even a viable reason to ditch class (as long as it is senior ditch day). You are always going to be more important than what your grade is going to be, and you should know that you are worth it.

High school has been a long and stressful experience, but it has also been much more than that. It has been a time of growth and experience. Despite the bad side effects of senioritis, the so called ‘disease’ opens your eyes and help you to move on with life. It prepares you for becoming an adult, and for realizing that there is much more than just high school. These lessons you learn in school are just stepping stones on the journey to adulthood. So yes, I have senioritis. And no, it is not the reason why I’ve missed half of the last month of school. But it is the reason why I am the way I am. It has prepared me for the future, and has helped me reflect on these past school years. Senioritis, noun: The feeling associated with the end of a student’s last year of school. Synonyms include: laziness, hope, disappointment, excitement, and everything in between.

–(Taken from the graduation speech I had to write for English)–


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