(c) hanging

Why did I think you were actually going to change? Just because I got mad at you, and you promised to put your all into this friendship, doesn’t mean you’re actually going to change. I still have been sitting around for two days, waiting for your beck and call. I am a slave to your call. Yesterday I asked if you wanted to hang and u said “yea,let me check”. Did you even plan on checking? Because I then sat there for 6 hours hoping that maybe I could actually hang with you for once, but all I did was hang around waiting for you to decide if I was worth your time.

This morning at 8 am you called and we planned to hang out today. It is now 7:12pm and you say we’ll hang out at 9:30. If it wasn’t for anyone else coming at 9:30- would u even hang out with me? No, but meanwhile I have laid in my bed all day waiting for your call or text, or anything I could hold on to, because I am hanging by a thread, instead of hanging with you.

Things are changing. Just not the things I want to change. I want you to change and start being a better friend. But all that’s changing is that you are moving away for good soon, and I will be left here changing my mind back and forth if I should call you. Change always disappoints. They say change is for the better, but then maybe I’m on the wrong side of change. I have no change in my pocket. No change in my friends. No change worth changing for.

So when you ask me why I changed, I’ll answer, because you never change.


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